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  • March Madness For Creatives is an innovative design contest that runs in parallel to the NCAA Basketball playoffs.

    From March 12th to April 8th, this competition pits student designers from North-American universities against each other in a tournament-style showdown.

    Participants will tackle different product design challenges in each of the four rounds, from shoes to shirts, showcasing their creativity and representing their schools.

  • March Madness For Creatives is structured over four rounds, each with a distinct design challenge, from footwear to apparel. Here’s how it unfolds:

    Unlimited Participants: Any number of students from each participating university can enter the contest. The more, the merrier.

    Multiple Submissions Allowed: Each participant can submit up to three designs per round, maximizing their chances to showcase creativity and gather votes for their school.

    Competition Structure: Schools go head-to-head in each round, with the collective votes on their students’ designs determining which school advances.

    Voting and Points: Voting is open to everyone, not just participants. Encourage friends and family to support your designs with likes, boosting your school's chance to win. Every legitimate vote counts!

    Advancement and Winning: Advancement is based on the total points a school accumulates from likes across all submissions. The school with the highest points at the end of the final round claims victory, with the top five contributors receiving a share of the grand prize.

  • The contest is open to all students currently enrolled in a North-American based university or college that has a basketball team.

    Whether you're studying design, art, or any other field, if you have a passion for creativity and design, this contest is for you.

    It's a fantastic way to gain visibility for your work and engage in friendly competition with peers from other schools.

  • The grand prize is a $1,000 cash award, distributed among the top five performers of the winning team.

    Additionally, standout concepts throughout the competition have the chance to be considered for production by Off/Script, offering a unique opportunity to bring your design ideas to life.

    Beyond the prizes, participating in this contest provides significant visibility for your work and a prestigious experience you can add to your resume.