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The Top Marketplace for Creator-Designed Fashion and Goods

Off/Script is the Kickstarter for fashion, with one exception - we actually build the products for creators. We turn ideas into tangible products that creator can proud of, and earn from, without the hassle.

Stand-Out With Truly Unique Products

100,000+ concepts are generated on Off/Script every month. Only the top ones make it to production. Discover your new favorite piece, every single day

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We’ve created our discounts so that you get most products at cost while leaving a small margin for creators. If you don’t spend your Off/Script budget within one year, we’ll reimburse what’s left in your account. No tricks.

Best Quality Limited-Edition Products

We are a team of experts in product creation with backgrounds going from fashion to protective equipment. We’ve built helmets for the NFL and the NHL. Trust us when we say that we don’t cut corners on product quality. 

Support Creators’ First Step Towards Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is hard - especially in creative professions such as design. Support creators from around the world by giving them their first chance to earn from their designs. Kickstart careers by looking good - not a bad deal?

Play With AI Fashion Before Anyone Else

A big part of product concepts on Off/Script are designed with generative AI. By joining this campaign, secure a lifelong free AI generation membership on the app. For context, similar tools can cost up to $40 per month.

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