Where Innovation Meets Craftsmanship

Off/Script is a brand where every single product has been designed by an independent artist, athlete, creator, or dreamer of any kind.

All the products listed on our website have been selected by the Off/Script community for production via the Off/Script app and built with quality, durability, uniqueness, and sustainability in mind.

We believe in the power of creation and the tangible joy of seeing your ideas come to life. Our platform is a canvas for creators worldwide to transform their wildest product ideas into physical wonders, ranging from fashionable apparel to sleek furniture and beyond.

Our Journey

It began with a moment of inspiration and a touch of frustration.

It was Spring 2023 when digital artist Maalavidaa, a good friend of ours, dropped a collab concept on social media that merged her colorful art with a 1996 Retro Nuptse North Face Jacket. The post went quite viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of feeds worldwide, including ours.

The comments section: “Ohhhhhhh take my 💰💰💰💰🤩”, “Oh 💯 without hesitation”, and “This would be the easiest purchase of my life”, reflects quite perfectly how we felt when seeing the post - everyone wanted it, including us. But the sad reality was that it had no clear path to production. It was this very frustration, a collective desire for her concept to leap off the screen and into our wardrobes, that spurred us into action.

In just a few months after launching, we built a pipeline of over 50 projects, some with globally renowned artists and athletes and others with incredibly talented underground creators.

Off/Script is the culmination of this vision – a platform where the innovative ideas of today become the sought-after products of tomorrow.

Crafting the Future of Fashion and the Planet

Our team, a unique blend of developers and creators, is united by one common goal: to create the most unique, premium, and stylish products on earth. We strive to be the best at converting concept suggestions into physical products with unrivaled speed, quality, and cost-efficiency to ensure better prices for our customers and better payouts for our creators.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We only collaborate with the world’s best manufacturers, those who craft for renowned brands like The North Face, LVMH, Williams-Sonoma, Off-White, Vans, Prada, Adidas, and Nike, among others. We bring this elite manufacturing capability to our customers and creators, making the extraordinary accessible.

Real Rewards for Real Talent

We are setting a new standard for creator compensation, proving that it's possible to earn more than just likes. By sharing profits from sales with every creator with work with and assuming ourselves the funding, production, and logistical heavy lifting related to turning ideas into products, Off/Script is becoming a space where any creator can aspire to earn a sustainable income from its ideas.