Firas Zahabi coaching in a UFC T-shirt, wearing MMA gloves and looking towards the octagon.

The 6th Round MMA Backpack: A Collaboration Between Off/Script and Firas Zahabi

Partnering with none other than Firas Zahabi, the renowned MMA coach behind the legendary GSP, Off/Script introduces a cutting-edge MMA bag that promises to set new standards.

How It All Started

The inception of this unique MMA bag began at Tristar. Firas Zahabi, with his extensive experience and expertise, had always envisioned an innovative bag that catered to the nuances of an MMA athlete. As close followers of Zahabi's journey, we at Off/Script resonated with his vision and embarked on this exciting collaboration.

Harnessing AI for Design Perfection

The design process was no ordinary feat. Leveraging the power of generative AI, Off/Script iterated designs, ensuring every feature was fine-tuned to perfection. Zahabi's insights coupled with AI's precision culminated in a bag design like no other.

Manufacturing Excellence

Quality was paramount. Off/Script's extensive network connects with thousands of manufacturers, ensuring only the best were considered for this project. In the end, a US-based firm, known for its superior craftsmanship, was chosen to bring this vision to life.

Real-World Testing

Before launching, the MMA bag underwent rigorous stress tests in gym settings. After all, an MMA bag isn't just about looks; it needs to withstand the demands of the sport. And this one does, spectacularly.


The Off/Script and Firas Zahabi MMA bag isn't just another piece of equipment—it's the future. Whether you're an MMA enthusiast or a professional athlete, this bag is crafted with you in mind. Don't just take our word for it, see the bag for yourself.