Abstract black and white aesthetic pattern symbolizing the innovative launch of Off/Script, the AI-driven social commerce platform revolutionizing creator-brand collaborations.

Introducing Off/Script: The Creator-First Social Commerce Revolution

Off/Script, a trailblazing AI-powered social commerce application, is excited to announce its official launch. Supported by over $7 million in funding from prominent investors including Accel, BlockTower, and White Star Capital, Off/Script is making a bold bet: the world’s next generation of fashion powerhouses will not come from established brands, they will come from individual digital content creators.

The Team

The platform, conceived by a team of creatives, developers and data scientists is headed by Jonathan Brun and Justine Massicotte. Off/Script is the duo's second creator-focused social application - having first built Lighthouse, an interactive media search engine used in more than 50 countries. Prior to launching Lighthouse, Jonathan Brun was an investor at the technology investment firm White Star Capital, while Justine Massicotte was in charge of the Query Suggest engine at Coveo, a publicly-traded enterprise AI-search company with global operations.

The Platform

Off/Script is built on 3 pillars: A GenAI design Studio that empowers creators to generate striking product mock-ups. An app where users can browse through concept submissions, vote for their favorite ones, and purchase commercialized products. And finally, the Off/Script manufacturing network, an ecosystem of 1,000+ manufacturers working with some of the world's leading brands including Burberry, Off-White, Vans, and Williams-Sonoma. 

    The Big Idea

    The Off/Script model is simple: if a product concept submission becomes popular on the app, Off/Script fully funds and oversees its production, and pays the creator an upfront fee as well as a share of future profits on product sales. “Our vision is to make Off/Script the highest paying app ever for its creator community” commented Jonathan Brun, co-founder & CEO. Ahead of releasing its app, Off/Script worked on 30 unique premium products across fashion, sneakers, athleisure, and high-end luxury with creators including renowned figures such as AI artist Field Skjellerup, digital artist Maalavidaa, and UFC-legend Firas Zahabi. “In just a few months, and prior to even having the app live, we’ve helped our creators earn thousands of dollars from their concepts”, commented Brun.

    Regarding its AI-powered studio, co-founder and CTO Justine Massicotte says “we leveraged open source models and did a lot of work to tailor them specifically to product image generation. We’ve added many capabilities when it comes to poses, variations, quality, and scalability”. She added, “the Studio is optional. Experienced designers can submit concepts created on platforms like Photoshop and others if they prefer. We see the Studio as a great tool for idea exploration and helping creators across skill levels share their ideas with the world in a beautiful way”.

    About Off/Script

    Off/Script is a community-powered product creation platform designed to bridge the gap between digital creativity and tangible products. Off/Script offers creators a platform to conceptualize, share, and monetize their unique product designs while leading the funding, manufacturing, and shipping of top creations. By handling the intricate logistics, Off/Script ensures creators focus solely on what they do best: creating. With Off/Script, every design has a genuine chance to become the next big product. The company is headquartered in Montreal and launched in 2023.

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